URBANICS LTD- Planning, Economics, Environment

Urbanics Ltd, founded in 1991 and since 1994 a limited company, is a subsidiary of the Barnir Accounting Group amalgamated with the BDO-Ziv-Haft Accounting Group.

The company has three departments, Planning, Economics and Environment, employing fourteen professionals who combine to bring together their expertise in town and country planning, economics, business administration, geographical and environmental studies to provide a unique, comprehensive range of services to customers from central and local government, from private and public development companies, to private entrepreneurs and to others.

General Manager: Iris Efrat, M.Sc., Town and Country Planner.

Tel: 972-3-6102828/40 Fax: 972-3-7526182 Mobile: 052-3608692

E-mail: iris@urbanics.co.il

website: urbanics.co.il

Planning services include:

·         Comprehensive strategic planning and guidance to heads of local authorities and to senior officials.

·         Social and Community planning schemes.

·         Preparing master plans for municipal projects in education, sport and leisure facilities, employment zones, cemeteries detailed forecasting for populations, school pupils.

·         Professional guidance on boundary changes and mergers to local authority committees.

·         Advisory services, including preparation of outline plans, objections, position papers and supplementary programs to planning boards.

·         Locating profitable local authority assets, preparing inventories, processing expropriation.

·         Long-term planning, including the restoration of public buildings and infrastructure.

·         Improved utilization of land and real-estate.

For details: Louis Bar-Nir, M.Sc., Town and Country Planner, Deputy General Manager in charge of Planning and Marketing

Tel; 03-6102817, 052-8360912 E-mail: louis@urbanics.co.il

Economic services include:

·         City by-laws- road building, drainage, safety, road signs.

·         Estimates preparatory to obtaining loans and grants for sewage systems.

·         Plans for the development and maintenance of projects.

·         Business plans and tenders for projects using the B.O.T system. Aid in setting up corporations and non-profit organizations dependent on local authorities and their day to day management, including managing cash flow.

·         Economic aspects of solar energy installations through all stages, from submitting tender to completion of project.

·         Forecasting long-term income derived from property improvement levies and land sales; examining the effects of policies on local rates and taxes.

·         "Green" budgeting – durable short- or long-term plans for the efficient use of existing resources.

·         Efficiency programs for local authority subsidiaries.

·         Analysis and recommendations for efficient land use.

For details: Yafit Bar-On, M.B.A., Economist and Certified Surveyor, Manager in charge of the Department of Economics and Business Administration.

Tel: 03-6102810, 052-8292298 E-mail: yafit@urbanics.co.il

Environmental services include:

·         Master plans for sustainable development in local authorities.

·         Efficient methods of refuse disposal, separation and recycling of different waste.

·         "Green" building – advising builders and local authorities on implementation of the regulations and green building codes.

·         Planning for the Environment- policy documents, programs and advisory opinions, managing open spaces, methods of enrolling public interest and support, environmental surveys.

·         Advising on the Environment- as consultants for appropriate legislation, "green" industrial estates, to environment committees and activists.

·         "Green" budgeting – durable short- or long-term plans for the efficient use of existing resources.

For details: Noa Gecht-Tamari, M.Sc., Town and Country Planner, Manager in charge of Sustainable Development and Environment.

Tel; 03-6102839, 052-3633477 E-mail: noa@urbanics.co.il